Beauty Make-UP Clinic by Mae Ann Cortez

International Make-up Artist Ms. Mae Ann Cortez will be conducting a Beauty Make-up Clinic on June 18-19 @ The Apo View Hotel for only 3,500/participant.

Don’t miss this chance for personal and career development.  This workshop is not just for budding artists or models but for any professionals (young and young at heart) who wants to cultivate themselves for better career performance and delivery.

According to statistics women who feel good about themselves because they know they look good are more than 50% productive in their careers and interpersonal relationships compared to women who don’t.  They are considered more social and more friendly, confident and self-assured in terms of what they can contribute to the community.  Women who feels confident about themselves also proved to be more aggressive in developing their skills and talents by engaging in a more active social learning process.

Study also shows that the stigma of first impressions can truly affect how others treat you and how much respect they are willing to give you.  Character and skill will always play a factor in efficiency but the irony of it is that, if you don’t look efficient, you will be overlooked and seldom will you be given an opportunity to show them what you can do.

Take the first step to improving yourself through this workshop by learning how to properly project your social image in a social context.

This Beauty Make-up workshop is not just about beauty management but interpersonal and career adjustment as well.

For questions/inquiries, please sms/call +639177003699.

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