Visiting Cotabato


Currently in Cotabato City right now for a documentary assignment.  My day starts early and it ends just right after sunset.  Visiting the nooks and crannies of the city has yielded a lot of unexpected surprises.  The Moro people are friendly and the women are beautiful. The children would remember me and would call and wave even a day after meeting them in the streets.  The jeepney drivers are helpful and the boatmen loves music.  These are just photos I’ve whipped with my iPhone. Better images from my camera after I’m done here and when I come back to Davao!


R a j a h   T a b u n a w a y   B l v d


M e g a   M a r k e t


B a t c h o y


T u k a n a n e s   C o m  m u n i t y


O u r   C o t  a b a t o   M o d e   o f   T r a  n s p o


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