T’nalak Festival in South Cotabato


So… my feet brought me to Koronadal City to celebrate the T’nalak Festival.  Actually, I was late.  We were supposed to meet at exactly 6pm.  I arrived thirty minutes later.  Good thing Chi decided to wait for me while the rest went ahead as scheduled.  Otherwise I would have taken the wrong bus and god-knows-what will happen (not the first time though).  Chi and I arrived around eleven in the evening at Koronadal City.  And the city was alive and busy!  Needless to say, it was a three-day-basking full of laughter and dancing with the T’boli and B’laan community.


Tinalak Festival is an annual festival held as a foundation anniversary of South Cotabato.  T’nalak is an intricate woven tapestry, a unique traditional abaca masterpiece whose designs are first dreamt before they are  made. Thus, South Cotabato is known to be the land of dream weavers.  A unique way of weaving where technique is passed from mothers to daughters.

S t r e e t  P a r a d e  a n d   L a u n c h i n g   o f   1 2   P a r a d i s e

Parade started at six in the morning.  It was opened by T’boli dancers.  only with T’boli blood are allowed to dance this number.  This requirement makes this dance really really special.  After the opening came the dances of the Moro community and  of the Christian settlers.

DSC_0026 copy
DSC_0194DSC_0198 DSC_0199

T r i n k e t s  a n d  T r e a s u r e s


a parade of fruits and vegetables


Chi couldn’t help herself.  She accosted the owners and got herself a photo (go chi!)



W e e k e n d   W a r r i o r s
Travel is never dull with these crazy kids!


at the largest pineapple plantation in the world

DSC_0349 DSC_0360

 How to get there:

Go to Ecoland Bus terminal and board the General Santos City Bus, when aboard, tell them you’re actually off to Koronadal, which is an hour away from Gen San.  They will take you there.

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