Lake Sebu Adventure: T’boli Dance


T’boli dancers graced us after dinner.  The costumes as they swirl, the colors they emit—and the ring of bells in their belts and anklets is what I love the most.  Punta Isla Lake Resort does not only boast of good food (their tilapia chicharon is a must try!) but also of great dancing with the young T’boli artists.  Instruments vary from drums to kuluntang to flute.  A solemn prayer is being offered as a sign of permission and thanks to the spirits of instruments are being done everytime they use their preferred musical item.  In every dance, a cultural insight of the T’boli tribe are shared. 


r e s o r t  t a k e s

aside from cultural dances, Punta Isla has guided tours.  They are very accessible and affordable.  Room rates starts from 950/night.


Punta Isla Lake Resort can be reached
through these numbers:  +63919-451-5015  | +63905-289-5134.
For reservations, email them at

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