nooks and crannies of Angkor Wat Temple


Mandatory sunrise photo of the Angkor Wat Temple.

A perfect example of Khmer architecture—thus when in Siem Reap, one must always drop by Angkor Wat Temple.   Aside from being the King’s mausoleum, this temple was also constructed for the Hindu God, Vishnu .  I was here in 2010 and was in awe –and even now, years later, Angkor Wat Temple still amazes me.  


This persistent coffee seller took this photo.  He informed us that our photos would be better if we had a pair of red sunglasses so we can take a photo using it as a filter.  It made us laugh.  Needless to say, we were sweet-talked into buying his coffee after this heh! :)

_DSC0587 _DSC0588

We got ourselves a three-day pass!


I n   B / W

_DSC0569 _DSC0562

m o r e   p h o t o s

_DSC0579 _DSC0572_DSC0591

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