Malapascua Galore

I had a stint in bohol which allowed me to pass by cebu…and being in cebu means being hours away from Malapascua. And yes, the beach bum in me kicked in! Plus it’s a great excuse to fulfill a promise I made to karen.  Told her we’d hit the beach when I see her again in Cebu :)

Malapascua is more of a diving site, so most likely you won’t see people lounging in the beach but you might meet someone who’d want to share a boat with you to tour the island and to snorkel or dive :)

beer kegs for the happy hour heheh. joke. not our supply boat…
we so wish it’s ours.
*practicing my landscape phtoography skills and remember what olan advised me.
Not impressive as his but getting there *tee hee ^.^

The lighthouse is a famous spot to visit in Malapascua.  We were happy to view it from  afar from the boat.

Karen and I as we were waiting for our boat.  6am dude. So early.

Yes my eyes are puffy because I slept during our almost 4 hour bus ride.  My friends who aren’t used to sleeping in moving vehicles chose to hang on to dear life as the bus carelessly swerved left and right.

Mike and Dyionies Beach Resort as recommended by a good friend and blogger princess tiara :) We paid 600/night inclusive of breakfast :)

 You can hire a boat for 300 to tour you around the island and take you to the dive sites.
they took us to two different snorkling sites in malapascua. one was the coral sanctuary and the other was the sunken ship site.

 after our first snorkle, we had lunch on one of the  islands. And because we were kinda pushy, we were able to ask our boat people to make lunch for us hehe.

happy hour begins at six! we had dinner at a local bar/restaurant.

ordered pasta. the two ordered something fried so didnt bother to take photos of it hehhehe. we had vodka and coke as well.

this is so not right! hehe!

Note: IF you are a solitary soul, you will like malapascua but better if you come with your favorite friends.  Unlike boracay with parties left and right, you will find yourself making your own party as the beach is not a  place that offers such. There are two good resort restaurants that offer good  food and one local restaurant that seems famous among locals and guests.  Everything is within walking radius :)

Getting there: go to the NorthBus Terminal and board the bus going to maya port. We got on a bus as early as 3am to reach maya port around 7am.   Our bus was fast enough and we got there after # and a half hours.  It’s a bummer though coz we had to wait for other passengers for the ferry to sail.  Special trip is Php1,200.  Regular rate is below Php100/passenger.  Because it was high tide, we had to pay 20/head to the small boat to to tow us near the “ferry”.  From Maya Port, you will travel around 45-1 hour to reach malapascua.  Motorcycle is only 10/head.  Others might try to raise the price, be stern in negotiation ^.^ The resorts, if you can walk, can be walked from where the ferry will drop you off, but if you have big luggages to haul, you might as well hire motorcycle drivers to make y our life easier.

Don’t forget your sunscreen. It is hot as hell there. But hey, it is worth is. You will like the place for the company so be sure to be with good friends that you can stand for a day or two :)

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  1. OLAN August 25, 2011 / 9:33 pm

    waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh….. inggit ko. :(

  2. 13thWiTCH August 25, 2011 / 10:02 pm

    oi our training was postponed! uban ko sa bucas grande! naa pa ba toh?

  3. Faust August 25, 2011 / 10:17 pm

    @Leah why you were not snoorring?? nggooorrkkk…. ^-^

  4. 13thWiTCH August 25, 2011 / 10:22 pm

    hahah i dont snore :P

    • 13thWiTCH August 25, 2011 / 10:37 pm

      hahah ako pud nahan ko! “solitaire” kaayo ang drama ^.^

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