Lake Sebu Adventure: Mountain Lake Eco Resort

I’m not very good with boats. So when I learned we’re having lunch at a boat at Mountain Lake Eco Resort, I kinda sorta wanted to crawl back to the van and hide, preferably in a fetal position for added drama.  But I did not! It’s my first time here in Lake Sebu and new waters are waiting to be conquered.


The view was awesome.  The air was helping with my motion sickness.  I actually didn’t feel that bad.  Maybe a bit wobbly for a minute or two — but it had to do with my nerves more than anything else.


…and a salute to the best freshly squeezed fruit juice I’ve ever had in Lake Sebu.  Sorry no photo of the food guys! you just have to visit yourselves to see it.  But what I have are photos of our T’boli singer and musician aboard the boat.  They sang beautifully, danced with grace, and even played indigenous musical instrument as a way to share their culture to the resort guests.


L a k e  V i e w

_DSC0960 _DSC0935

Lake Sebu is located at Brgy. Bacdulong and is owned ICTUS Premier Co-operative.  It has packages that will take you around inlets and lagoons.  The only resort powered by solar panels — cool huh? Oh and Boat Lunch package starts at Php200.

lake sebu
For information and inquiries call,+63917-311-3071 or at +63918-962-2209.

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