Half and Half Himalayan Nepalese Cuisine


My first (and only?) Himalayan restaurant in Baguio. I was craving for Biryani and my search on facebook landed me on Half and Half Himalayan Nepalese Cuisine. Luckily, I was able to visit weeks before lockdown was first implemented in the city. I was even able to bring friends to their dine-in restaurant before they finally closed the place down. But not to worry THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERIES.

I love their CHICKEN BIRYANI (P250 – solo, P520 – double). This is a staple order every time we order. Their biryanis are not as strong as Indian or Persian’s. If you are not into the strong taste of the mediterranean but wanted to try their food, their selections can be a good start.

Chicken (P160) and Vegetable MOMO (165). I can eat these all day long. Another Staple. Momos are Tibetan/Nepalese dumplings often served with aromatic tomato-cilantro sauce.

Fish Fillet (P170). Deep fried Cream Dory marinated in herbs and spices.

Sweet and Sour Fish (P185). Deep fried fish fillet with Bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

Pre-Pandemic Dine-in Interiors

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