Hagimit Falls

Photos of Hagimit Falls in Samal Island.  Olan was showing me how to take landscape photos by giving me the proper manual settings.  I am so used to taking portraits that I find it odd and I somewhat have to get used to having set my shutter at a low number while my apperture reaching 18 to 22.  But this is what I got! and I am so happy. I still forget to set my correct settings when I take landscapes…but hey I am improving :)

 Hagimit Falls is located in Samal Island.  15min via barge  (from Davao City) + another 20 minutes drive from the port (Samal).  When I first came here more than a decade ago, it was still bare that I was quite surprised to find a gate was installed and a toll fee  is being collected.  It now had stairs and cottages and somewhat became a  resort.

It is still beautiful. More accessible and food is not a problem anymore.  Before, we had to bring our own baskets, trudged slowly at the muddy slopes in the hopes that we do not break our neck and jump into the water until we have pruny hands.

Now, the water is being properly maintained and the place is well kept and amenities has made it a little easier for guests :)  I like the improvements but I miss the time when there was no toll and no stairs.  I was lucky to have been there before all this renovation happened :)

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