Cagayan River Rafting


Welcoming summer at the river.  Cagayan is eight hours away from Davao City.  The bus interval is tricky so to be sure,  be with someone who is somewhat obsessive compulsive with schedules.

The river, btw, is an hour away from the town centre.  There are many white water rafting companies around the area, you wouldn’t have a hard time finding one.  But better if you book before you leave the Davao. We chose Kagay White Water Rafting.

White water rafting usually comes with a waiver stating if you fall and split your head open, it’s your own fault.  It’s not as if they invited you, you came into your own accord and paid them (Php 1ooo/person) to take you to the river.  They will provide you with life vests though, so be sure to take advantage of it.  Swim, play, and even claw your way amongst the rapids.  Life vests are for the living, so jump into the still waters.  You won’t need them when your dead, dead bodies float on its own.  It’s not that dangerous really, the worst thing that could happen is that you chose the wrong friends and you’re stuck in the middle of the water with people who doesn’t know how to have fun.


t h e   c a l m   b e f o r e   t h e   s t o r m


S o m e   a c t i o n  s h o t s  t a k en   b y   t h e   K a g a y   C r e w


Y o u   c a n   s w i m   i n   t h e   s t i l l   w a t e r s   i n   b e t w e e n   r a p i d s


t h e r e   a r e    a b o u t   2 4  r a p i d s   i n   t h i s   c o u r s e

IMGP1180 copy IMGP1137 copy IMGP1176 copy

A c t i v i ty   s t a r t s   a r o u n d  7 a m   t i l l   2 p m .   B r i n g  c h i p s !


To book your own adventure, here’s Kagay’s FB link.

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