Boracay Island, Aklan


It was a lazy day.  After two days of running around manila, it was nice to lounge on the sand while watching people frolic in the water.  Although Manila wasn’t as gloomy as I expected it to be, the sun in Bora was worth visiting over.  The island has changed a lot since I last visited it in 2006.  More stores are now crowding the area and even more hawkers offering pearl earrings, cellphone plastic cases, massages, and packages that involve diving, parasailing, and the like.

DSC_0080 DSC_0137

F o o d   a n d   d r i n k s
my usual order for breakfast would be something with bacon and pancakes—seemed like the perfect comfort food to have.  Happy hour starts early.  Had cocktail drinks with Angel and Cecile around 11am.  Too early, yes, but it was a lazy weekend with my best friend and bestHK flatmate.  That night we had unlimited beer and steak.


t h e   r o a d s   i n   b e t w e e n


f r o l i c k i  n g
Went back to reality after three days. Not bad.
Would probably not come back unless necessary.


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