Visiting Barcelona


I fell in love with Barcelona. If Paris, to me, seems like a very handsome guy waking up to a head splitting hang-over, Barcelona would be that playful innocent rogue — lively, vibrant, happy, and a bit of a daredevil (crumpled shirt and all). Exactly the man of my dreams.

Beer Tasting at the Damm Old Factory

Europe2012_Barcelona_Beer_Damm_Tasting0649 Europe2012_Barcelona_Beer_Damm_Tasting0653

Imagine, drinking beer for free (provided that you have a valid ID) in a beautiful beer factory, with polished tiled floor, mood lighting, and a room full of “bronze beer kegs”. Estrella Damm is a classic beer brand from Barcelona that I have never heard of before because I’ve never been to Spain until then and I am not really a beer drinker. The beer company’s been brewing since 1876 and I was born 1983…so forgive my ignorance, it’s a pretty wide generation gap there between us.

Old Damm Factory offered four different flavors for us to try. I got me the strongest beer they have by mutely pointing at it while pretending to understand the bartender’s english description of the drink. His Spanish accent was just so sexy, it lulled me dumb.

La Boqueria

Europe2012_Barcelona_La_Boqueria0705 Europe2012_Barcelona_La_Boqueria0703 Europe2012_Barcelona_La_Boqueria0711 Europe2012_Barcelona_La_Boqueria0701

La Boqueria is a feast of colors, textures, sounds, and various aroma. Food is cheap and bountiful. Chocolates are just everywhere. Little treats from dried fruits to empanadas to ice cream. I could go on and on forever and not finish.

Painter Quimet’s Studio + Erotic Museum

Europe2012_Barcelona_Erotic_Museum0668 Europe2012_Barcelona_Erotic_Museum0662
Jennifer and I avoided the usual tourist attractions in Barcelona and in doing so we found the painter Quimet’s cool studio. At the end of Las Ramblas, near the harbor, there is a building that has a sign on its upper left facade that says “Homage to Dali – Free entrance”. Visit it.

Almost all of his paintings are in homage to Dali. This same painter’s works, much to our surprise, also adorned Erotic Museum’s entrance walls. Don’t try to ask Barcelona’s Department of Tourism about the latter, it is not included in their reccommendations. It is however educational and the only museum of its type in Spain.

The erotic museum is in front of La Boqueria.  People often pass by without noticing it –or they just pretend not to notice because of the type of showcase the museum has.  Barcelona’s Department of Tourism doesnt have this on their books but this museum is actually a gem.  You have to get the audio guide to be able to appreciate the works displayed.  Inside, you will have a taste of how different the east the west view the erotic + you get to see the first porn films commissioned in Europe.

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  1. tim July 3, 2013 / 10:12 pm

    I am loving the description of your dream guy. Whoa lightly intense on that part, but hell yeah I myself have dream guys too. You are exploring!
    tim recently posted..Not the Totoy You used to know

    • 13thWiTCH July 3, 2013 / 10:45 pm

      tim! damn! you always find my posts first! haha!

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