6 things to do in Pearl Farm Resort

Pearl Farm Resort has 73 Deluxe rooms, suites, and cottages.  It is perched above a hillside overlooking the waters of Island Garden of Samal.  It is located near the island of Malipano making it quite exclusive.  Told girlie that the boat ride made me think of Malapascua.

I had to be up before 7am.  Girlie Anne made sure of that. She’s scared that we’ll miss the boat.  We arrived at the Pearl Farm Marina around 7.30 am–the boat leaves around 8 :( tooo early waaah! but it was worth the wait.  The ride from the marina to the resort is about 30minutes.

These are the second most expensive cottages available (we were informed).
We didn’t get one.  We just oggled at it.

 They have a complimentary ride around the resort where the driver shows you the spots to go and if you are tired of walking, you may avail it to get from point a to point b.  The added ride made us feel spoiled…although the travel is not less than 3 minutes.  But we were looking forward to a relaxing break from the city and a good lunch–so every little spoiling thing counts.  Aside from that we did not expect anything from the resort really.  But it didn’t hamper us from having a good time. (oh don’t be fooled, you get a driver with that as well–we just thought it’s cooler if I sit behind the wheel).

Below are the things you can do in this famous resort.


If you are planning to lounge and bathe in the beach you’ll be quite disappointed. I’d suggest you laze around the pools they have.  They have one infinity pool and a pool with a jacuzzi extension.  Both outdoors.  The infinity pool is nearer to the restaurant and is kinda somewhat facing the beach.  The other one is located on a more secluded part near the cottages.  You may choose according to intentions.  Hungry? infinity pool.  If you are nervous, loosen up at the Spa, it’s near the pool, you won’t miss it.


One measurement of luxury if you go out of your home to visit another is food.  If the food is great, everything seems to be great, right? If you are trapped in an island with bad food, you’d find yourself counting the hours in a time where time seems to be exceptionally slow.  Pearl Farm Resort’s Mandaya Restaurant offers decent tasting food.  They offer buffet for lunch with an impressive selection coupled with free flowing coffee and tea (sorry you have to pay extra for a soda).


Extensive water sports like wind-surfing, speed-boating, scuba, hobbiecat sailing, rowing, and water cycling is available…oh and the banana boat is great!

4.) WE TOOK A BOAT RIDE! (for free)

Apparently you only get a free ride around the resort, but you also  get a free transport to their other island.  You can ask for the receptionist to book you a boat to their other island.  It’s about five minutes away.

They were still renovating it when we visited…but Girlie and I loved the commute!


Girlie Anne had the time of her life when she won and I crawled under the table as a punishment. grrrr.  If you need a bigger place, they have courts for basketball, volleyball, and a ping pong table is for you to utilize.  Amenities are free to use.  So you have no reason not to pay up.  We decided to take advantage of space hockey and the pool table.
If you don’t wanna do sports, hit the gym. they have one!


I don’t know if it’s allowed…but hey, there are a lot of them there. So cool to look at them. They’re big too!  Just to make sure they survive your feeding , you may rest at the nearby hammocks.  Oh and don’t mind the parrot when it says hi.

You may contact Pearl Farm Beach Resort through:

Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines
Tel: (6382) 221 9970, Fax: (6382) 221 9979

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  1. tim November 18, 2011 / 9:38 pm

    nice thing. the last time I was there 2008. Dugaya na oi. hehehe. Maybe when someone’s coming na
    adto mi. Cool. At least you enjoyed it!

    Yuletide season na hapit Ley!

    • 13thWiTCH November 18, 2011 / 10:21 pm

      wow 3 years! yeah it was ok :) and yes! hapit na pasko! weeh!

  2. girlie November 22, 2011 / 6:46 pm

    over night na nman tayo next time lea.:)

    • 13thWiTCH November 22, 2011 / 6:50 pm

      After PAOAY!!!! ^.^

  3. girlie November 22, 2011 / 7:27 pm

    okey okey! before k mag lakaw.(:

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