5 Reasons why you should go Water Tubing in Pangi River!

Never heard of River Pangi till DTI-Socksargen took us for a Saranggani Adventure last year. And I still love the experience. During the S3x Tour Tres, water tubing was also part of the itinerary…the damn thing is getting famous!

So if you are still unconvinced as to why you should go water tubing in Pangi River, here are the reasons why:

1.) You’ll be fulfilling your childhood dream of being in the washing machine!
Remember when you used to imagine what it feels like to be inside the washer as it whirls the clothes clean? well! imagine no more!

2.) Feel like a millionaire with your guide worrying over your safety while you carelessly toy with the water!
and compared to celebrities hiring a bodyguard for the night, they won’t cost as much! the whole tubing package is just less than Php200!

3.) Great bonding moment between friends and the unloved
With the rough waters ahead, you are sure to hear words of comfort with a hopeful note that you will pass through wet but unscathed.  Friends tend to reinforce their support and love before take off and the unloved gets to listen as he/she silently joins the group feeling he is actually part of a family.

4.)Hakuna Matata! It means no worries! (you have to sing it for it to work)
Problems would be like eons away. It would be too silly to think about it when you are having fun!— and busy saving your ass from drowning ^.^

5.)You’re old enough for an adventure!
You have already conquered your mom’s backyard, your own bedroom, and maybe have managed to ruffle the feathers of your teachers.  Now you are ready for one outside the comforts of your zone.  WHY? you don’t want your future grandkids to call you lame. Live a life that even they, would be proud to tell their classmates…but if it turned out that you fell in love with the adrenaline rush— and wishes to go bunjee jumping next year…hook me up! I wanna take photos!

Thank you Ms. Beth Ramos for the Photos! I was busy holding for dear life to photograph anything *tee hee!  Pangi River, btw, is in La Union, Maitum, Saranggani.

You can take a bus from Davao City to General Santos City.  It’s a three hour ride. You may want to grab stuff and take a hotel in Gen San.  Then you  may commute to Maitum– it’s an hour away or so.  The activity is not so complicated.  In fact, I find it too fast…you may opt to ride again and again and again…By the time you’ve had your fill, you would be back in GenSan in time for late lunch or dinner ^.^ Happy tubing!

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  1. tim November 9, 2011 / 8:54 pm

    Whoa, been there, just this undas.. Awesome place!

  2. 13thWiTCH November 9, 2011 / 9:16 pm

    coolness! did you do tubing as well? ^.^

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