Tagum Photo Safari

Upon entering Tagum, you will notice palm trees magnificently planted on the side of the road.  Tagum has been crowned Palm City of the Philippines.

Tagum City is more than a city known for its paved roads.  With 14 Festivals a year, it is surely becoming famous for its events and festivities.  Davao Bloggers was fortunate enough to be invited in the 1st Official Tagum Photo Safari last January 16-17.  I was excited to be with other Tagum photographers as the City’s PIO Edwin L. toured us around the precious nooks and spots of Tagum City.

Not far, you will see a wooden dock where boats are available to take you on a 30km cruise to see the river stretch and the wildlife it carries.  On this stretch, soft-shell crab hatcheries and restaurants are available to provide meals and rest huts. Continue reading