US Embassy & PWI: Strengthening GO and NGO Partenrships in Government Procurement Process Seminar

In cooperation of US Embassy and Procurement Watch, Inc., a seminar was conducted on “Strengthening GO-NGO Partnership in Government Procurement Process” last October 11, 2010 at Sulu Ballroom in Grand Regal Hotel.  The talk centered around the existing corruption and the possible ways of curbing it.  Project on Government Oversight or POGO shared their views and experiences in promoting improvements and setting realistic changes on certain government issues.  Mr. Scott H. Amey, General Councel of POGO in Washington, D.C. shared some views on how to apply internal and external pressure through media, the public, and government insiders to ensure that the government implements policies and programs in a manner that benefits all.  He reiterated though that this must follow a systematic approach.


Exposing corruption could mean social devaluation.  And social devaluation could mean losing a job, a social status, friends, and even one’s own life.

The question lies not in the effectivity of the systematic approach in curbing corruption but rather how to make people respond accordingly.  How can you convince someone to spill their secrets knowing this could only lead to trouble.  It’s like suicide bombing for a cause.

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