Caving in Sagada

You have to Two options, A.) a short one (Php400/person) where you walk 45min to the cave and you crawl the limestones for about 5 hours or B.) a longer and more difficult version of option A (Php500/person) where you end up in another cave.  Both are worth doing, depends on your stamina.  I hated the stairs at the end of the tour though, it effin made me tired.  You will hate it too— after sliding on limestones, crawling and squeezing into small holes, hanging on ropes, and playing in the water (yep, there’s an underground river somewhere).


For your cave tour in Sagada, go to the Tourism office and pay an environmental fee of Php30.  The sweet lady at the counter will assign you your guide.  If you are lucky, like us, you get to be invited to a bonfire in a local farm where they will cook pinikpikan, a local chicken dish of Sagadian, for you.  So be nice to your tour guides, they have access to unlimited supply of lettuce and more *wink wink Continue reading