Monfort Bat Cave

Monfort Conservation Park is a 24-hectare property located in the Garden Island of Samal. It is the Guiness title holder of Largest Fruit Bat Colony in the world, Monfort Bat Cave is home to more than 1.8 million Geoffry’s  Rousette Fruit Bats.

These bats are also the reason for Davao City’s abundance in durian.  They are, in fact, the major reason why rainforests exist—70% of trees in a forest exist because of bat pollination activities; they eat fruits and insects and distribute seeds in the process.  A bat can eat as much as its own body weight of insects and pests every night, thus loss of bats will certainly effect an increase of pests in the world. Continue reading

Guang-Guang Mangrove Park

I’ve never heard of a Mangrove Park until Olan took me to one.  The first impression I’ve had when I first saw it was bewilderment.  Olan forgot to mention what a Mangrove Park is. ..and before I get too much into details of how I felt when I saw it, let me tell you what it is.

A Mangrove park is a protected natural park.  Mangroves are trees and shrubs that grow in saline coastal areas.  The reason why it is protected is because it is an ideal habitat and breeding ground of several important species of fish and coastal birds. Magrove Park’s significant value to a coastal area is high because of its contribution to the coastal fisheries and the benefits it produces for the wildlife and ecosystem in general.

Guang-Guang Mangrove Park has low water that you have to wade yourself all through out the park, thus, pants is off-limits here.  Wear light clothing and bring a volleyball because the water is shallow enough for you to splash around but not drown. Continue reading

Dahican Beach

Barangay Dahican, Mati City, Davao Oriental is a three hour drive away from Davao City.  Roads are paved, don’t worry.  Best to visit this fabulous place on April where they hold an annual skimboarding competition.

The 7km of pure white sand coastline is beautiful…the beach is facing the Pacific, thus, its great waves are perfect for the beach bum looking for an adventure.  It’s glorious day to laze around the beach.  But if you are the type that doesn’t want to camp out in a tent and is used to room service, Dahican may not be for you.  This is a backpacker’s place.  It is not yet developed and no hotels to accommodate the luxury you are accustomed to. Continue reading

Zabadini Escapade

Apparently, everyone has heard of Zabadini except for me.  It was my first time in the persian restaurant and I instantly fell in love with the ambiance.  I love that we can sit on the carpet, play with the pillows and even eat on a low table as if we are cozily hanging out at home.  The restaurant manager told us that Zabadini means “Core of Goodness”…oh goody goody good.

Continue reading

Sarangani Adventure

Sarangani has earned a spot in my travel plans.  I’ve never realized that a stretch of white sand beaches exists there…and not as expensive and as crowded as bora!  Kainnneeeessss, ngayon ko lang nalaman.
The beaches we visited in Gumasa Glan, Sarangani were soooo nice! and take note…we were traveling on paved roads.  I was so sure that we were already in the middle of nowhere, but no bumpy rides on this trip…well except for the common minor ones that lasts a meter long.We visited Isla Jardin Del Mar, Davak Ridge Beach Resort, Yoshikawa Crystal Island Beach Resort, and White Haven Beach Resort — all in Glan. Enrico Dee of even shared that there is an Indonesian community existing somewhere in Glan.Before, when I hear of the place Sarangani, I always associate it with the Blaan tribe. Period.  And I know next to nothing about the Blaan culture.  Needless to say, I had this ambiguous assumption that Saranggani is this place in the province.  No imagery of beaches and great cuisines pass my mind…nor have I ever thought of it as a place to go to to relax.  Now I know better.
facilities and scenery is not to be frowned at
@ Lemlunay Resort there is an infinity pool overlooking the
sea… Continue reading

Socksargen Blogfest 2010

I have not seen so many bloggers in one location until I attended the BlogFest SOCCSKSARGEN 2010 last December 11 in East Asia Royale Hotel in Gensan.  And even though I could not remember my first blogpost, I could still remember why I decided to have one.  It was therapeutic for me.  It helps me stay put and it kills idle time.  Needless to say, I blogged about — ME ME ME. But now my concept of blogging has developed into something bigger than I.  And its not only me who is realizing this.

Blogs nowadays do not only contain the author’s emo moments.  It now speaks of technology, tourism, politics, entertainment and more.  Blogs have morphed from personal to business.  And why not?  Blogs create good networks and thus creates more opportunities.  It can even get you a job or make self-employment easier.

It is apparent that across the globe, being online has been a part of many people’s lives.  We have managed to merge our daily lives with our online personas.  We engage in blog-like activities like status updates in our social networking pages and we post photos to share for our online community to see.  We get news online, and sometimes, the internet is faster in delivering tidbits of what’s happened than the media. Communication has never been so easy and fast…sometimes, it beats real time.

Mr. Bobby Soriano and Mr. Avel Manansala Continue reading