visiting Samal Island


I had to bolt out of the house around 7am for this.  The body’s natural caffeine kicked in as I, wide eyed from suddenly jumping out of bed and into the taxi, frantically told, in high pitch voice,  the driver where to go.  Omitting breakfast –which my mother finds unforgivable— assured my arrival on time.  But I missed the boat because my companions got stuck in traffic.  I was quietly sulking, dreaming of the watermelon shake and pancakes I had to skip.  This is karma.  But the waiting is not that bad, nothing brewed coffee can’t fix–and the island, as always, is beautiful. Continue reading

Visiting Cotabato


Currently in Cotabato City right now for a documentary assignment.  My day starts early and it ends just right after sunset.  Visiting the nooks and crannies of the city has yielded a lot of unexpected surprises.  The Moro people are friendly and the women are beautiful. The children would remember me and would call and wave even a day after meeting them in the streets.   Continue reading

Mainit Hot Spring, Kinabalangan Dvo Oriental


Kinabalangan’s local hangout place.  This is where we soak our weary feet after a hard day’s work around disaster areas in Kinablangan. Mainit Hot Spring actually needs to a lot of help and work to restore it in it’s former grandeur.  But for now, we are happy to just soak our pains away. Continue reading

Japanese Tunnel and the heritage of Mintal, Davao

The alarm didn’t go off as expected.  I have to be up by 6:30am to get ready for the 7:30am call time, as set (and firmly he did) by our team leader.  In case, you are wondering who, it is the travel teller that’s gonna lead our pack today.  Like drugged sacrificial lambs, all participants for the Davao Bloggers’ Tour individually arrived at the already packed Matina Branch of McDonalds.  People, grouped in shirts of the same colors (sky blue was the most dominant), was loudly preparing for cheers I could not remember being instructed.  Turned out they were ADDU college students, and my group, instructed to wear a red shirt for the activity, seamlessly fitted in while the others (we are four different groups) were looking like high school misfits with their mix and match shirts.  Oooh they would have rolled their eyes had I brought my sticks for our mini flags (chattee got her boards ready for it). Too bad, it would have been an overkill– and I meant that as a compliment.  Anything fun and outrageous is forgivable this day.

Perked up (be it caffeine driven or not–doesn’t matter), we sped off to our first stop, the Japanese Tunnel.  It’s along diversion road. I initially thought Japanese tunnel was located in Samal.  Good thing nobody asked me.  I would have confidently led them to a different place… Continue reading

The Goat House (and its ricotta cheese), Malagos Garden

It was musky but not as stinky as you would enter a chicken house.  The goats have a relatively cleaner, less stinky, well defined, round pellet poop (that doesn’t splat itself upon hitting the ground– gross).  And the goat house stands on high stilts that stands more than 10 feet above the ground. Continue reading

Blogfest 2.0 Captures

Mae Paner, the brilliant mind behind the fictional character we call Juana Change.  She is a media advertiser by profession, an activist, and a national symbol of Philippine Politics (juana change).  She was just one of the exceptional figures who came to attend and speak at the Blogfest 2.0 in General Santos City.Juana Change with the Fab Brothers Orman and Avel.

Continue reading

5 Reasons why you should go Water Tubing in Pangi River!

Never heard of River Pangi till DTI-Socksargen took us for a Saranggani Adventure last year. And I still love the experience. During the S3x Tour Tres, water tubing was also part of the itinerary…the damn thing is getting famous!

So if you are still unconvinced as to why you should go water tubing in Pangi River, here are the reasons why:

1.) You’ll be fulfilling your childhood dream of being in the washing machine!
Remember when you used to imagine what it feels like to be inside the washer as it whirls the clothes clean? well! imagine no more! Continue reading

Exploring Kapatagan

An hour and a half away from Davao— Well, 26km away from Digos to be exact, is a great adventure spot that I’m sure extreme sports enthusiasts would love.  Apo Highland Adventure is a sports haven located in Kapatagan that’s why this sports resort was intially named Camp@Tagan.  Owned by no other than Mr. Dizon, the man behind Maxima’s giant water slide, Zorb, and Davao Wild River Rafting, to name a few.

The resort is eco-friendly.  You can camp and there is also a designated bonfire area which means, you can safely start a fire without having to risk burning the whole community surrounding the place.  You may rent a room as well if you don’t feel like camping. Continue reading