Guang-Guang Mangrove Park

I’ve never heard of a Mangrove Park until Olan took me to one.  The first impression I’ve had when I first saw it was bewilderment.  Olan forgot to mention what a Mangrove Park is. ..and before I get too much into details of how I felt when I saw it, let me tell you what it is.

A Mangrove park is a protected natural park.  Mangroves are trees and shrubs that grow in saline coastal areas.  The reason why it is protected is because it is an ideal habitat and breeding ground of several important species of fish and coastal birds. Magrove Park’s significant value to a coastal area is high because of its contribution to the coastal fisheries and the benefits it produces for the wildlife and ecosystem in general.

Guang-Guang Mangrove Park has low water that you have to wade yourself all through out the park, thus, pants is off-limits here.  Wear light clothing and bring a volleyball because the water is shallow enough for you to splash around but not drown. Continue reading

Cinco Masau

Cinco Masao Resort is a family destination.  This is where you go if you are in Mati and wishes to have a quiet and peaceful experience.  Mati has two beach fronts, one that which proudly boasts of great waves and another that has little to none.

Cinco Masau Resort – Barangay Tamisan, Sitio Masao, Mati Davao Oriental.  The word Masao – comes from a japanese word  meaning righteous or holy.  Unlike Dahican, who boasts of waves from the Pacific, Cinco Masau offers a serene ambiance with its calm waters. Continue reading