Follow the Model with Ms. J and Nigel Barker’s Photography

I was surprised to hear Ms. J speak.  He was soft-spoken, down-to-earth, and very grounded.  The advices he shared were mostly all about how to take advantage by being creative with yourself…  His book is easy to read, narrative in style, and actually very personal.  In it, were revelations of his own hopes, dreams, fears and struggles.  Ms. J shares one important thing.  Good character is a very good foundation to succeed.

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Let’s SPIT!


I am on my way to Manila when I learned that SPIT performed in Davao without me knowing.  Waaah! So I checked their schedule and I dragged Cathara to hexagon Lounge to watch SPIT with me. I just have to see it.

SPIT (Silly People’s Improv Theater) is the first (and I think, only) IMPROV group in the Philippines.  The group was organized by Gabe Mercado ( the ok-ka-ba-tyan?-commecial-guy of Yakult) after G. Mercado trained with Paul Sills at Wisconsin Theater Games Center.  Paul Sills is the founder of Chicago’s legendary “Second City”.  Paul Sill’s mother, Viola Spolin, was the first to author a book on Improv theater techniques, and she trained under “Play Therapy” Theorist, Neva Boyd.

For those of you who are used  to watching stand-up comedies where comedians would deliver prep lines, SPIT’s performance will definitely come as a breath of fresh air.  Watching SPIT is like watching your funniest best friend bantering at the school corridors, acting crazy while you are laughing at the jokes delivered in great timing and accent. Continue reading