10 Important Life Lessons


1. Love your mother, respect your mother-in-law – What will you get from hating your own mother? bad karma.  But not as bad as the karma you would get by disrespecting the mother of your partner. Why? Your mother will always forgive you, your mother-in-law won’t.

2. Avoid unhappy people  because they are unlucky – There is nothing wrong with helping but to get caught in the misfortune of drowning in someone else’s problems is just plain dumb.  Happiness is a choice and you cannot make someone happy who chooses to be unhappy.  Otherwise you will end up using too much resource (be it financial or not) that you would find yourself in the same or worse  hole than he/she is currently in.  These unlucky people are sometimes ungrateful who sees nothing right in anything.  Stay away from negative vibes.

3. Experiment – you only get to live once, you might as well make the most out of it. Continue reading