tragically yours…

It’s holy week, and I find myself listening to Niia singing “Sweetest Girl” with Wycleaf Jean in his raspy voice  singing about that girl that makes him do the hula-hoop during his high school days…you know, the “dollar,dollar, bill y’all” song?

Eraserheads in their glory days had a version of this story — remember the song Magazine? except the woman died in that song…tragic.

But then again, we all love tragic stories — of lovers dying in the end.  Romeo and Juliet is a classic example.  That story was the epitome of the saying “nasa huli ang pagsisisi”…sheesh, how do you translate that? the closest thing i could think of that’s remotely similar is “patience is a virtue”. heeeh anlayo pa rin
Anyways, it was also a depiction of how our minds can seriously alter our reality— or at least how we perceive it.  Notice how we get stuck on something by just thinking of it without even realizing the fact that we begin to believe it’s true…regardless if its not?

There is this one tribe somewhere in Africa who believes that the world is flat and that the world ends at this certain river at the end of the village.  One scientist came and crossed the river to show them that it’s not true…

He crossed the water and when he reached the middle, he turned around to wave at the tribe elders who, at the sight of him waving, waved back at him…when he reached the other side, he turned around to wave again but no one answered.  Not even one waved back.
All claimed that he vanished.
The tribal leaders could not literally see him when he was, in fact, standing in front of them at the opposite side of the bank.  So great was their mindset that the world ends there, that their perspective of things literally ended there… Continue reading