Japanese Tunnel and the heritage of Mintal, Davao

The alarm didn’t go off as expected.  I have to be up by 6:30am to get ready for the 7:30am call time, as set (and firmly he did) by our team leader.  In case, you are wondering who, it is the travel teller that’s gonna lead our pack today.  Like drugged sacrificial lambs, all participants for the Davao Bloggers’ Tour individually arrived at the already packed Matina Branch of McDonalds.  People, grouped in shirts of the same colors (sky blue was the most dominant), was loudly preparing for cheers I could not remember being instructed.  Turned out they were ADDU college students, and my group, instructed to wear a red shirt for the activity, seamlessly fitted in while the others (we are four different groups) were looking like high school misfits with their mix and match shirts.  Oooh they would have rolled their eyes had I brought my sticks for our mini flags (chattee got her boards ready for it). Too bad, it would have been an overkill– and I meant that as a compliment.  Anything fun and outrageous is forgivable this day.

Perked up (be it caffeine driven or not–doesn’t matter), we sped off to our first stop, the Japanese Tunnel.  It’s along diversion road. I initially thought Japanese tunnel was located in Samal.  Good thing nobody asked me.  I would have confidently led them to a different place… Continue reading

The Goat House (and its ricotta cheese), Malagos Garden

It was musky but not as stinky as you would enter a chicken house.  The goats have a relatively cleaner, less stinky, well defined, round pellet poop (that doesn’t splat itself upon hitting the ground– gross).  And the goat house stands on high stilts that stands more than 10 feet above the ground. Continue reading

Visiting Tiaong, Quezon

It was a gloomy day.  Turbulence welcomed me while I was still in the plane. Wet pavements was the city’s red carpet and I, despite the dark and eerie weather, felt light and happy.  I was wearing my new havas (thanks to Girlieanne)–white and gold, too pure to step on muddy streets. But slippers are slippers, and they are meant for the feet.  And when they are for a pair owned by someone like me, the flops, cherished and loved, will be contested to endless wanderings. Continue reading

The Fringe Club

The Fringe Club in Lower Albert Street (Central) in Hong Kong is an open art platform that provide rent free services to engage the local community in cultural works.

The picture is actually the back of the building (Wyndham St).  It’s a sweet building that everyone walks by but hardly notices as they stagger towards the bars in Lan Kwai Fong.  The building used to be an ice and dairy plant and the Hong Kong Fringe Club, a non-profit organization, acquired it in 1984 after the building was abandoned by the business owners when their company headquarters moved to London. Continue reading

I’m drawing again…

I’ve picked up my pen and watercolors again and here is what I just finished today.  I have not drawn for years and it feels liberating to be able to mix up some color again to create something nice and fun.

Photography has taken a big space in my life right now and it feels good to have a temporary  break from it.  To be able to create something with my hands and to be able to manually control the shades and palettes used…not that I’m great at controlling watercolor paint either *tee hee ^.^

Hello Grad School

Everything is relative.  My philosophy teachers in college made sure I understood that.  Like if I receive a D grade –it is not an isolated random act of hatred on their part but because I turned in a crappy paper because I was too lazy to read a two page-article that I know is hard enough that I would need three days to digest it, but dumbly skimmed it in three hours hoping for a strike of genius to hit me square in the forehead while my eyes glazed over the words used in sentences I cannot, for the life of me, figure the meaning out. Ha! I wonder what hallucinogenic drugs these people were taking that made them write such effin convoluted articles. Continue reading

In Macau with Girlie

Guess who dropped by Hong Kong for a visit? Yep, my ever partner in crime, Girlieanne!  It’s nice to see a familiar face again.  Living in Hong Kong is great and the people I meet everyday is very interesting…but old friends from the place you grew up in can bring this type of warmth and comfort that new experiences, no matter how great they are, cannot give.

She stayed for five days.  We decided to visit Macau as it’s only a 1 hour or so boat ride away from Hong Kong.

Continue reading