Paying Focus and Attention

Creative people must learn to

  1. Pay attention while creating a focus.
  2. Collect ideas everywhere you can.
  3. Take notes and review them.

Paying attention is crucial in generating ideas.The pilot slang term for that, according to Micheal Michalko, is getting tone.  When a fighter pilot says “I’ve got tone” it means they have the target on radar lock.  Imagine that thing you see in movies when the missile is locked on a moving object.Remember how it follows the object no matter where it goes?  When the object jumps, it jumps, when the object swerves, the missile swerves.  That is getting tone.  Your focus must be locked to your goal securely but it is a necessity to pay attention to your experience as well.

We tend to live life experiencing tremendous amount of information, scenes, and happenings that sometimes we tend to move towards life with our eyes glazed.  The “looking but not seeing” syndrome.

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