Luis Royo

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Albert Einstein 1879-1955.

i love his work! —so much, ┬áthat i’ve been scouring for his art works all over the globe…unfortunately, they are all so expensive :(

Luis Royo (born in 1954 in Olalla, Spain) is a Spanish artist, known for his darkly sensual paintings of women and mechanical life forms. He has also recently started doing sculptures of some of his earlier art.

He was born in Olalla, a small town near Teruel, Spain. He has produced many paintings for his own books/exhibitions, and has also produced art for various other media: videogames, CD album covers, comic book covers, and Tarot cards.

He is most famous for his work doing illustrations of Julie Strain for the animated movie Heavy Metal.

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