The Willie Revillame Issue.

If there is someone I wouldn’t want to be right now, that would be Willie Revillame.  He has a record of making controversies and escaping them within a hairline.  But will he escape this massive petition to take him off air this time? The “passive” viewers who couldn’t care less what monkey dance he does in his show have now taken an interest to oust him in his new “home”.

I tried to understand the logic of his actions.  I am not a TV person but I am not ignorant to it either.  I saw him joke around noontime shows for a significant number of times during my college days.  I laughed at his slapsticks, but one thing is for sure, I’d rather be scrubbing floors than be paid money to become his object of ridicule that he calls “jokes”.  It was insultive, he was beseeching insinuating innuendos, and while it makes other people laugh, deep down inside, you are not sure if you are laughing because its funny, or you are laughing because you are silently relieved that you are in your home, safely watching him on television– too far away to be on his little spotlight. Continue reading