visiting Samal Island


I had to bolt out of the house around 7am for this.  The body’s natural caffeine kicked in as I, wide eyed from suddenly jumping out of bed and into the taxi, frantically told, in high pitch voice,  the driver where to go.  Omitting breakfast –which my mother finds unforgivable— assured my arrival on time.  But I missed the boat because my companions got stuck in traffic.  I was quietly sulking, dreaming of the watermelon shake and pancakes I had to skip.  This is karma.  But the waiting is not that bad, nothing brewed coffee can’t fix–and the island, as always, is beautiful.


 Monfort Bat Cave.  Guiness title holder of Largest Fruit Bat Colony in the world.


Sweet little corner I found when we were at Oceanview.  The marina was also cool, reminded me of my first apartment in Gold Coast in HK.


F r e s  h   m i l k   f r o m   S a m  a l   D a i r y   F a r m


M a n g r o v e  w a l k   a t   S e c d e a


 i s l a n d   s t u f f


it’s always fun when I am traveling with these kids!
The Travel Teller and Madayaw WowDaagway
h! and Thank you IGACOS Info. Officer Melrose Arig for taking us around.


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