Magellan’s Drive


I was cradling a beer and it was early…Was it 9 am (?) I am not sure.  I’m not sure of anything anyway every time I’m in Manila.  The smog and the traffic always confuses me.  And the metro is either too bright or too dark, too wet or too dry.  And the city seems bored but busy.  No.  In a hurry.  The city seems is bored and busy always in a hurry.  As if it has somewhere to go, something to do– All. The. Time.  And it was such, in the morning that Mitchie and I clawed our way to Intramuros.  One of her friends will be touring us.  Okay, I confess, one of her friends will be touring her and some others.  I was just tagging along. 

It is not my first time to visit Intramuros.  I was introduced to it half a decade ago by a friend. I also came back, two years ago, to take the Carlos’ Celdran Tour.  Same place, different experiences.  If not for the heat, walking its streets would have been a great way to kill time — timing is crucial when you live near the equator.  Unlike the bustling streets outside, Intramuros is calm, slow, and quiet.  Never mind that thousands died here and countless corpses once littered its streets.

The beer I was cradling that morning doesn’t have anything to do with the dead.  We were early.  The others were still on their way.  Some were stuck in the train or something.  While waiting, we decided that beer was the better option because most people were drinking overpriced coffee. The beers were not overvalued and the tag was just right.  Thirty minutes later, we were buzzing happy.  We were not loud or anything, just light and merry—while the coffee sippers arrogantly continued to be flat and grim.  I’ve been meaning to say something about early morning beers before I seg-wayed myself into ranting about the spanish inner city of Manila.  Forgive my being a scattered brain.

So… what was I gonna say about it again?  Hmmm…too much beer will definitely give you shaky photos. Oh and cookies! it makes you crave cookies…

I n t r a m u r o s


t h e   9 a m   b e e r   e s c a p a d e


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  1. Shengie July 3, 2014 / 10:11 pm

    Oh take me to intramuros…

  2. Debie Grace July 13, 2014 / 3:55 pm

    I’ve never been to Intramuros. So maybe when the time comes that I get to visit the place, I’d buy myself a bottle of beer as well!

    • 13thWiTCH July 14, 2014 / 7:49 pm

      you should visit! do a carlos celdran tour debie :)

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