The Willie Revillame Issue.

If there is someone I wouldn’t want to be right now, that would be Willie Revillame.  He has a record of making controversies and escaping them within a hairline.  But will he escape this massive petition to take him off air this time? The “passive” viewers who couldn’t care less what monkey dance he does in his show have now taken an interest to oust him in his new “home”.

I tried to understand the logic of his actions.  I am not a TV person but I am not ignorant to it either.  I saw him joke around noontime shows for a significant number of times during my college days.  I laughed at his slapsticks, but one thing is for sure, I’d rather be scrubbing floors than be paid money to become his object of ridicule that he calls “jokes”.  It was insultive, he was beseeching insinuating innuendos, and while it makes other people laugh, deep down inside, you are not sure if you are laughing because its funny, or you are laughing because you are silently relieved that you are in your home, safely watching him on television– too far away to be on his little spotlight.

But do you know how I see him?
I see him as a very lonely man with a poor concept of what happiness really is.  Look at his job, listen to his jokes, feel how hungrily he tries to create relationships with his contestants but cannot cross the barrier of his own isolation.  With failed marriages, broken relationships, suspensions — can you not see a pattern of someone desperately trying to find himself in whatever he can hang on to? — which in his case, not very much.

In the image he projects, can you imagine him quietly taking the dog out for a walk?
NO. Walking the dog is too mediocre.
He craves an interesting life.
And unfortunately, an interesting life is seldom a happy one.

He seems like a man of sudden impulsive decisions.  But really, he is not a decisive man at all.  For years, he has tied himself to the same concept of doling out to the poor, making instant millionaires, exuding a certain scruffiness that his position as a noontine host can afford–or cannot afford.

What am I trying to say?
The poor man, in his effort to find meaningful relationships with his work, friends, and everyone, has managed to ruin himself and other people in the process.

Didn’t he just leave a network for a new one, burned bridges with old friends, and now in a hot seat for having a boy dance inappropriately while he chides in the background on national television?
A lot of people have raised their voices against it.  If I was him, I wouldn’t know how to defend myself.  It was blatantly a mistake, a wrong decision…It seemed so right at the moment…how can you defend that? The only thing the poor guy can do is sincerely apologize.

The issue with the kid is not about whether it’s child abuse or not.  It ceases to become a question along the way.  That issue has apparently morphed from a simple child’s rights violation to a realistic depiction of how poor we understand the poor.

Can you truly understand something you are not experiencing?  Of course, we sympathize, but unless we starve, we do not know what hunger really is all about.

It was a cultural manifestation of how we assume certain hypocrisy and how separate we are from certain realities.  A child grinding like a macho dancer is neither wrong nor right.  It is just a reality too harsh for us to swallow.

Child prostitution and child abuse, is very real and we could engage on an intellectual battle as to how the kid dancing in Willing Willie a national issue, but that would take too much space, too much time, too much effort.
We have our lives to live, our coffee to drink, our families to love, our parties to attend, friends to socialize with, and books to read.

And we could engage ourselves in this issue… do something about it– maybe when we garner the time.
Maybe after the family picnic, after our meeting, after our children’s rehearsals…

For the meantime, let the bloggers blog about these outrageous happenings, let the critics castigate Willie Revillame, let the MTRCB investigate…

All this riot over the host, the TV Network, did anybody, just anybody, ask the boy what he needs?
Did anyone take time to make sure children, aside from their own, are well fed, well educated, and kept safe during the night?
Ahh, but these are too complicated!
We don’t want to press our noses into other people’s lives, now do we?

Maybe that is the reason why such a blunder happened.
Willie thought it was ok, some thought of it as funny, the kid is not our kid anyway.
Sure it’s pitiful, we thought for a fleeting moment….but the existence of these people! does not even touch the fringes of our lives…and we couldn’t care less…until something serious happens.

And it happened.  And it is still happening.  Some just do not have the privileges of a TV Network.

That boy, did you think he learned how to dance that on the spot?
of course not.
He would have to practice.
In his own home, with his aunt or relatives egging him on.
Probably these adults are laughing and thinking it is too good and just right for the show.
It will surely deliver a laugh.  It will be great.
Willie will be happy.  That would be worth Php10,000 bonus!

Think again.
Whatever decency they have have been overpowered by their need to win a prize.
There is more than one perpetrator in this scenario, what’s worse, they don’t even know it.

A thought.
Children are seldom asked about life decisions.
They will not understand, or so we assume.

Think some more.
The bottom of the triangle outweighs the top.
How many families who’d rather survive than be morally right?
How can they even think that one has to forego morals to live?

Well, gyrating like a manwhore on national broadcast is indeed a faster way to pay the bills if it means monetary bonuses in the game show. Especially if the bills involve someone in the hospital dying.  Noooo….Im not saying the kid has a dying relative.

What I’m trying to say? urgency of a certain situation dictates, and this is what the show is exploiting.
We need, they give…in their own terms.

And everybody flocks like willing sacrificial lambs.
And who can we blame for that?

20 Responses

  1. orman March 30, 2011 / 7:06 pm

    sobrang galeng ng pagkakasulat mo dear! ikaw na ged… humanda si willie sa blog post ko about this…

    • 13thWiTCH March 30, 2011 / 7:22 pm

      thank you orman…og humanda gyud sila sa blog post mo. makatindog blahibo baya ka musulat.

  2. marty March 30, 2011 / 7:23 pm

    Fact of life. And thats the crux of the matter.

    • 13thWiTCH March 30, 2011 / 7:30 pm

      so true marty

  3. marty March 30, 2011 / 7:29 pm

    Nice! well said madame. brilliant..

    • 13thWiTCH March 30, 2011 / 7:32 pm

      thank you marty.

  4. Richard March 30, 2011 / 7:41 pm

    superb! very well said ms. president.

    this is something that everybody should know. willie revillame should be kicked out from show business. he’s not funny! he’s one hell of a booby.

    • 13thWiTCH March 30, 2011 / 8:25 pm

      thank you richard.
      the thing about making jokes about life is that its real. no, not funny at all.

  5. nanardxz March 30, 2011 / 8:18 pm

    i have watched the video and it’s not funny or something to be laughed at. nice post.

    • 13thWiTCH March 30, 2011 / 8:26 pm

      thank you nanadxz. i tried looking for the video, it has been turned to private already and cannot embed it.

  6. OLAN March 30, 2011 / 8:20 pm

    “And everybody flocks like willing sacrificial lambs.
    And who can we blame for that?” – honestly, it takes two to tango Leah. :) sadly, may fault din ang mga followers nya kasi hinahayaan cyang gawin yun sa kanila. :(

    • 13thWiTCH March 30, 2011 / 8:27 pm

      true olan. blames goes to the people who joins the show as a livelihood as well.

  7. Tessa March 30, 2011 / 8:24 pm

    very well said ate. I watched his video yesterday on youtube. I don’t know how to react. I first read the violent comments of the visitors before watching the video. I was expecting that willie slapped a kid for child violence. lol. sometimes I think its because of his haters why he is in such situations. dagdagan pa nimo sa iyang “reckless” actions… but I totally agree with what you said that he is a very lonely man despite his riches. makita man jud sa “life pattern” niya. just like micheal jackson, judy garland, and the likes.. they may be ever popular but they really feel alone when they are not under the lime light… people couldn’t see that. most people don’t analyze, and they don’t understand willie too is doing such, mao tong nahitabo tong sa bata.
    I really didn’t know how to react yesterday. I was really confused where to take sides. akong pagtanaw man gud, wala man toh gituyo ni willie. he just wants to have fun in his show. syempre, he wants to show his program is a lot of fun (aside from the prices). but it shouldn’t have happened. tsk tsk. kay mali man sad gud.
    matay lisuda jud ma-artista :D

    • 13thWiTCH March 30, 2011 / 8:31 pm

      you are right, he is reckless…

  8. icoy san pedro March 30, 2011 / 11:27 pm

    yeah right. that’s what we’ve all pathetically become… a nation of tongue wagging fence sitters. While many blame the mendicant attitude of some brothers, the sad reality is this: we make the likes of revillame thrive.

    • 13thWiTCH March 30, 2011 / 11:52 pm

      well said icoy.

  9. leo March 31, 2011 / 4:36 pm

    pwde bang gumiling din para magka 10,000 pesos? hehehe

    You’re right Leah, there’s more than one operator of this senario.
    For willie, he could have immediately stopped the boy from dancing… but he made him danced 3 times.
    The parents and relatives on interviews, still believe its just OK.

    • 13thWiTCH March 31, 2011 / 8:42 pm

      pag gumiling ka kuya, singko nalang :P

  10. scarlet's walk April 1, 2011 / 11:44 pm

    oh my. i just saw the video today on youtube.. the boy looked sad. it’s a clear form of child abuse. willie’s actions are unacceptable. what a shame.

    • 13thWiTCH April 2, 2011 / 2:18 pm

      oh it’s not in private anymore? i tried to embed it before but it doesn’t show :(

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