Getting lost in Colon


Cebu was lovely.  I was there for a week to celebrate Sinulog.  But I’m not posting festival photos.  I’m sure, with the hundreds of people present (and snapping photos) at the festival, you will find hundreds of Sinulog photos in google.  I’m posting photos of Colon instead.  Colon is that market in Cebu where people are most scared to take their cellphones out because snatching was not theft but art.  Don’t get me wrong.  It is a lovely place to be however if you are one helluva-paranoid, I suggest you take your xanax before visiting the place.

People are not scared to get close (but HK people are winners in privacy invasion. They breathe in your neck without batting an eyelash–as if it’s the most natural thing to  do) and vendors like to engage in cheerful conversations.

Karen was supposed to take me somewhere to see the parade but I tugged her to go back to the market after we passed by it.  I was skipping and singing–and yes, harassing people (they could always harass back) and even stopped by the flower section of the market so that Karen can admire the roses.  I may be the more feminine looking between the two of us (with my b/w geometric dress versus karen’s shorts and rubber shoes) but it is Karen who likes to adore and sniff effin flowers.  Note to everyone, if you send me flowers, I will tolerate it (I am, in many ways, polite) but I sure won’t be sending you a thank you note.

Send me broccoli instead (I can’t eat ice cream for now as I am in a rigid detox program –sucks right?) and I will scribble your name in my secret diary with an elephant drawing beside it.




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