5 ways to know that I’m not in the mood

No i’m not talking about sex.  But when you are not in the mood sexually, I’d recommend for you to feign sleep or better, pop a sleeping pill. That way it becomes non-negotiable.  Both get what they want. you get your peace and your partner can party all by himself and you won’t hear or feel a thing.  But that is gross, so dump him after.

Women may not talk about it but a lacking sexual desire is common amongst us.  This lack of libido is called Hypo-sexual Desire or HSD.  This is actually a common case amongst clinicians– about 1/3 of all sexually adult women suffer from this due to reasons like stress, relationship problems, illnesses,  and pregnancies.But there are three stages in a woman’s sexual phase, it’s desire, climax, and orgasm —if you are desirable and  your partner still doesn’t want you, it can be the case above.  But if you have doubts in your desirability, you may want to hit the gym class— but I would suggest you join the Toastmaster’s club…why? because women are auditory, moron.  Our desires are heightened by what we hear you say not how you look.

But for all my non-sexual “Not-in-the-mood” moments, its hard to drop dead in the mall—- so I do these 5 five things.

1.) I just look at you and would politely smile 
unlike my quiet moments where I also look at you and smile, my eyes would look empty. When I am not in the mood, my mind tends to wander around…nothing.
2.) I don’t find your jokes funny


I laugh at the corniest jokes, I do! because they are corny! and I find little trivial things fun…but when I am not in the mood my,  head is empty…no information passes and processed. Nothing becomes funny and interesting because I am displeased to begin with.  It’s hard to make someone happy when that someone chooses to be morose.  And not being in the mood is just like that.  You wake up and suddenly it feels heavy…and we tend to linger on that drab feeling th
at clings on to us till something crazy happens…right?
3.) I keep to myself
it’s hard to socialize when you feel sh*t.  Everything becomes annoying and you may end up ruining other people’s day — and people are sometimes unforgiving for offenses, intentionally or unintentionally done.  I also keep to myself because I’m experiencing low-self-esteem.  I become aware of my (and other’s) short-comings, magnified to the nth power — a potent ingredient if you want t0 brew bad company.  When you don’t feel good about yourself, you tend to make other feel bad about themselves too.  It’s a chain.  So I steer clear of people because they are not perfect hehe.
4.) I sleep during the day
I sleep during the day when I’m not in the mood.  when I am awake, I tend to toss and turn around the bed or stare at the wall or the ceiling thinking nothing.  Long hours of sleep during the day is actually an indicator of depression.  If you sleep more than 5 hours during daytime, you should start to do something to perk yourself up.  Generally, the older you get, the less sleep you need…but little or no sleep is also a sign of depression– well unless you have a valid reason for not sleeping…like a drinking binge. Heavy drinking is also a sign of depression… unless you have a special occasion to celebrate and be happy about.  Too much happiness is not a sign of depression but rather of mental illness…only crazy people are excessively happy.  So if you started sleeping and then in the course of a month or so, you are laughing at yourself for nothing, see your doctor.
5.) I’m cleaning
I kinda notice that sometimes, one of the contributing factor that puts me out of the mood is my environment.  If my office is too messy, If my bed is cluttered, if the TV is too noisy, if my books are in places that I don’t want them to be…Admit it, clutter and filth can just dampen any good mood.  I am not a cleaning bee but when excessive clutter invades my space, takes my refuge, and requires me to sleep in a corner because they have settled in, I find it offensive.

5 Responses

    • 13thWiTCH May 23, 2011 / 10:16 pm

      I am kaya lang parang may 30-day gap na nag e-exist in between waaah ^.^

  1. tim May 23, 2011 / 8:35 pm

    Sort of women really hard to ponder, you have that nitty gitty thing which made men wonder.

    But anyway, cluttered room just sucks.. But one thing, it’ll teach you how to organized it well. See- there is just huge better side of it. Hey, what about our plan?

    When ka gawa ng letter for our EF. Am excited to work with you again! Anyway, have you wacthed the new issue of Illustrado, they have nice video. LUV it ;)

  2. lynette G. May 24, 2011 / 3:53 am

    ang cute naman nito leah! you’re really a gifted writer even if you’re not in the mood :) sobrang ka-relate ako sa not in the mood moments mo!

  3. Robert Knowles November 26, 2012 / 7:56 pm

    Good insight Leah.. I like it !! :))

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