The Original Mang Ed Bakareta House – Slaughterhouse Compound

Craving for hot bulalo and real-good (made with brains and not just mayo) dinakdakan? I’ve been wanting to eat goat since last year and finally I had kilawin and papaintan last week!

We went to Mang Ed Bakareta House. It is located at the Slaughterhouse Compound — exact address is Purok 1, Upper Buhagan (Bokawkan) Road, Crecensia Village Barangay 2600 Baguio City, Philippines.

The slaughterhouse is a popular buzz among the locals. Mang Ed is just one of the restaurants you will find there. The place is near the terminals, thus, it most famous to jeepney and bus passengers. And because it is located in terminal, it is not the poshest of places — the food though is worth the visit.

We ordered bakareta, dinakdakan, bulalo, (half order) papaintan kambing and (half order) kilawing kambing. BUSOG! Oh, all these + rice and one drink –the total bill was P800+.

Dinadakan is a dish made of boiled pork parts (pag mascara, ears, liver). It will remind you of sisig but sisig is finely chopped. Authentic dinakdakan uses pig brain for it’s thick and sticky “sauce”. Others use mayonnaise as an alternative.
Bakareta is Calderetang Baka. Caldereta is originally goat meat stew (My dad and I love this). Beef is just one of the variations of this dish. Noah like this dish.
Kilawing Kambing (half order) is an Ilokano dish. It’s boiled goat skin chopped and mixed with vinegar, onions, and spices. I really like how my dad used to prepare it. He would put cheese and onion on top of the mixture and store it in the refrigerator overnight. We consume it cold the next day. Is that how you eat your kilawin?
This Big Ass Bulalo! Unless there are three of you to share this soup, be prepared to bring this home. Look at that marrow! there will be 2 more in that bowl. Yum!

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