Mubarak Eatery

Mubarak Eatery is our go-to hole in the wall eatery for biryani, parathas, and samosas! It is a very small place –it only has 3 tables. Ten people would fill up the place. They also have no parking space. So if you are driving to this place, forget it. Better to park somewhere in town and grab a jeep or mini bus if you are planning on visiting this place. Also, this is not a tourist trap. The place is not fancy and the food is not plated. BUT IS IT WORTH IT? absolutely worth it.

Cheese Samosas at P10 each. They have chicken and vegetable samosas. You have to indicate what samosa you would like have. Just saying to Auntie that you want samosas would mean, you would get, by default, the cheese one.
Chicken Biryani P130 – this is spicy. My mom’s favorite.
Egg Chapati P50. our first time to order this. Best paired with curry or other main dish.
Cheese Paratha P50 — is love. Always served hot. When we first had it, we dipped it in Beef Curry (P130) and it was soooo good. It was so good, I forgot to take photos of the beef curry.
Mama and Noah working on the cheese paratha.

This eatery only has “auntie”, thus, it is recommended to come here if you are having a lazy day. Quick orders are not part of their service. Hindi siya karenderya na nakalatag na ang pagkain at mamimili ka nalang. They cook your food for you.

What others do is they place their orders and then they come back after 30min (or an hour) to eat. One good thing about the long wait is that your food is always served hot.

Chicken Masala
Chicken Masala P130 – not spicy. Noah likes it. Best for kids.
We love their “dong lai cha” as we prefer to call it in HK or Karak, as I learned to call it when I was in Bahrain. In Mubarak it is posted as Milk Tea P50 in their menu. This is a hot beverage. So don’t come expecting a cold beverage with pearls and whatnot when you order this, ok?


Take the mini bus or jeep to Trancoville. You will pass by a small bridge and a river.

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