Craft 1945

Craving for paella or just generally wanting to eat spanish food? You may want drop in at Craft 1945, located at 9 Outlook Drive South, 1103 Baguio City, Philippines. They are known for their paellas and craft beers.

When I was in Barcelona, I’ve always wanted to eat Paella Negra (P570), unfortunately, Jennifer does not eat seafood! So for my visit at Craft, I ordered what I cannot order in Spain (haha!)

They are complimentary, by dang, did I not chow them all. Served steaming hot, soft, and with a chunk of butter for you to lather on it. Yan pa lang busog na ako.

Sopa de Mariscos (P180) is a new favorite. The soup is just right, not too thick and not too think either. I am not really into heavy soup, even with ramen, I always choose clear broths. This one is seafood bouillabaisse soup with a tomato base.

Parmigiano Fettucine (P210) is heaven. So far the best pasta I’ve tasted in Baguio. I have certain specific tastes for my pasta (I particularly don’t like my spaghetti sweet). This dish is the unhealthiest of all but hey! you only live once!

Baguio was on liquor ban until recently so I got myself an iced tea. Ban is now lifted and the bar is now open to serve craft beers! I might drop by again for that.

Have you been here? Tell me your favorites!

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