Baguio Beats

I moved to Baguio.

Currently, I cannot shower without turning the heater on. I brew and drink coffee by the minute to keep warm. I eat fresh produce, take note! fresh and not wilted-leafy-has-beens, from the market + endless supply of Good Shepherd ube jams and matcha filled marshmallows — I’m charmed.

My mom was with us the first two weeks, thus food was great. She had to leave to take Alex back to Davao. We somehow had a deal. I stay put for a while in PH so Alex can finish school. Rest of the kids can homeschool with me.

But no worries, even without my mom, I am quite sure we won’t starve — I found my food lifeline! A quick walk around the neighborhood and you will see that the first floor of our (this is me owning this place already haha) barangay hall building has a cozy unnamed barangay cooperative bakery. It is now one of my favorite places to visit. If you are a cook with skills like mine, having a bakery nearby is a good omen. This one’s being managed by bad-ass manangs, so badass, I dare not haggle for a discount.

What food lifeline, you say? Any close friend of mine knows I am a genius in the kitchen. Two international cooking courses and I still cannot boil that egg without breaking it. But I’m improving! Learning little lessons along the way. Like, if you are frying chicken, no amount of ginger can make stale chicken taste better. I had to thaw the damn thing and then life happened and then I forgot about it. Remembered it after three days. Apparently, you cannot leave uncooked chicken on the counter for three days. So that’s another tip, you cannot leave the damn chicken on the counter for 3 days!

Don’t even ask me about the taste. Noah said it’s bitter.

For what its worth, it looks edible in the photo.

I may be bad in the kitchen but if I am good at anything, it is finding solutions. As predicted, that quaint bakery is a lifesaver.

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