Turtle’s Nest

 everyone, meet my good friend, dan…
endearingly called Monet by his family.
He is married to a lovely woman named, Kit.

I was in Cebu to attend and take photos of my friend’s wedding.  It has been more than two years since I’ve been in Cebu.  I remember I was there while I was still pregnant with Kira.  I was with BWL then, we went to see the furnitures and other export stuff Cebu was offering.  I spent my birthday in Cebu as well…well — Karen’s bday…My birthday was the 5th, flew to Cebu on the 6th — Karen’s bday is the day after mine.  She visited me and brought me brownies ^.^

But enough of memories…and needless to say, I stayed in Karen’s apartment.  It was cleaner than I expected.  The last she said her apartment was dirty, I scoffed it off only to step in and find hills of junk food foils and laundry inside the room. No! It was not dirty at all… it was downright filthy! sheesh!

Her apartment room is still cluttered and a little messy.  Smaller than her first…makes it difficult for her to create hills of laundry.  And, as weird as she is, she decided her bed is unnecessary–and thus she decided to take it out of her room.  When I arrived, I saw her bed, propped up outside her apartment door, waiting to used. Don’t ask me why –she is just like that.

For our first dinner together, my friend, Dan (the groom) invited us to turtle’s nest.  We were kinda arguing whether to step out and eat or just starve our way to sleep.  We were feeling lazy  –plus the book, Malictionary, was keeping us company.  If you haven’t heard of that book, google it.  Or better yet, buy one…It is one of those books that tells you tons of information you will not use.  Like, do you know the “Bababa ba?” is a complete sentence using only two letters — ahhh…see what I mean? Little snippets of entertaining but impractical information.  Coolness ^.^

Karen and Dan goofing off for the camera.

Back to dinner…because Dan texted us, we decided to go and meet him at Turtle’s Nest.    Turtols ( are they pronounce it in Cebu) is a gallery/restaurant in Lahug near UP.  Dont’ come here for the food. Just visit the art exhibit and grab a beer. Period

This is the Menu board.  In case you are wondering if it is a joke…well, I’m not sure if it is or not.  The place was weirdly wonderful in its own way.  Like you have shelves of books that you can browse while you wait for your ice tea that you ordered ten minutes ago.  And that is just ice tea.  Wait till you order beef steak…Ask for a beer, and pronto! it will be there.  My friend is not the type who cares what food he eats.  He likes beer.  Maybe that’s why this place rocks for him.

Inside the restaurant is a small room where painting and installation art is displayed.  The theme for that night’s exhibit is…ummmm…(look a red giant octopus!)

Friends who joined us in Turtle’s Nest ^.^

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