save me from myself

jolt me back to reality – please!


i feel so dreamy these past few days…everything is so surreal — is that the right term for that? anyways…don’t worry, i’m nowhere near sappy. when i said dreamy, i didn’t mean the i’m-in-love-and-the-world-could-just-melt-now-and-i-don’t-really-care-statewhat i meant was that my attention is half attuned to what i’m doing and the other half is somewhere floating (near the ice cream stand, i guess)… im dreamy eyed in a sense because i’m only half-attentive in what’s going on around me…result is, i bump into things, i say ‘ha’ almost always when being addressed to (yes, im your next door idiot if u want to rub it in), i stop in the middle of what i’m doing because i was able to think of something – and my thoughts would just drift to lala land while i remain stationary in my own corner that i call world, etc. etc. etc.

now, is this a good thing? maybe, but let me tell you something, i had my wallet stolen recently. now let me ask again — is this a good thing?!HA!??!!

yeah yeah, im still bitter… i lost a very nice wallet, it was given to me by my mom’s bestfriend, im not a reptile lover, but i do appreciate the rough texture of the snake skin they used… i am so sure im the only one with that wallet here, coz she got it somewhere…anyways, i lost it in Victoria Plaza, at the groceries.

I was gonna buy milk and diapers for my children– flash forward— i was already at the counter, i had my stuff punched and packed — imagine my surprise when i opened my bag and —tada! –— my wallet’s missing… i had to have everything cancelled …(great…)

I had to run around the mall as if i was a madwoman because of it, I had to call every reinforcement i know (guard, customer service head, head security, head of the grocery dept., my mom, our relatives, friends, the radio broadcaster, the television crew, boy abunda, noli de castro, oprah, johnny depp…) to inform them that a certain petty thief had pulled his stunt on me and got away with it. Not to mention the crowd of onlookers, salesladies, promo girls, bag boys, and just the downright nosy, giving me their thoughts and opinions, their share of similar stories, some cussed and wished not only the thief’s death but of the thief’s whole clan (yes, he feels the pain too…), others shared their own experiences and how they coped with it, someone told his life story, some contributed their share of love, relationships, and views on karma and losses…

what a rowdy crowd i gathered — in my fifteen minutes of fame, with everybody getting hyped and excited, i lost the chance to get intimate with Oprah when she asked me my plan of action… ok, scenario is, now, i am in the middle of a certain department store — with no money, not even a single centavo to redeem myself.i

If someone would hold me hostage and would ask for one cent as ransom money… i was so sure i was destined to be the next chop chop lady — i don’t think that any hostage taker who asks for one centavo as ransom money is open for negotiations… not to mention id get insulted first before my torture.. what an embarrassing way to die.

see? my thoughts are drifting again… ok, i let’s go back to me in the middle of my awesome fans during my fifteen-minute fame experience…

where was i? oh me and my empty pocket…needless to say, nobody slapped me with cab fare… it’s ironic, how people contributed every nook and pieces of advice and opinion, but nobody asked me how the heck am i to go home penniless…tagem

p.s. more blog party photos here, courtesey by catea


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  1. Greg June 29, 2008 / 7:36 am

    And I say, Opinions are like ***holes, everyone has one! ANd opinions and advise while avoiding that pesky issue of cabfare and babys milk is truly a human failing. Well, perhaps a short song? For ur indulgance, a peso here and a peso appearing 3 times a day in Victoria Plaza, Davao’s own…

    I am glad you have a sense of the absurd about it, because the sense of the tragic is surely powerful as well. I still feel ur pain!

    Well, the god news is, u have ur CF, so u cud call Oprah and all else of humanity…

    And I thot Oprah was all about helping..hmmpphht..Bitch!

  2. Bone MD June 30, 2008 / 5:20 am

    Aw, My previous comment got botched! Witch crap…

    Anyway, me sez this layout is darn cool looking. I suppose the black BG is for the not so mysterious header subject picture?Eh? The 13th witch?

    Uh, back to your topic….Errr try shouting darna inside the cab and the driver will let you pass free ride for…you know what. If your penniless then your penniless and thats it. Either you walk back to your mole or ask the cabbie to wait for you while you grab an amount inside your house! Tried it before. Almost worked… Savvy?

  3. 13th witch June 30, 2008 / 6:15 am

    @Greg – yep, glad my fon was not stolen…

    @ BoneMD – next time, to your satisfaction, i will wear a veil for added mystery…nyehehehe!

    as for the cab fare – yeah, did the latter… it worked…the driver was kinda bitchy..but it worked…*apir daun…hehe

  4. BillyWarhol July 1, 2008 / 10:18 pm

    oh god too Funny!!

    How do these Damn Tasteful Nudies of meself keep showing up on the Internet!!

    ;PPP xoxo Peace*

  5. 13th witch July 2, 2008 / 4:02 am

    @billy – i take it ur the tall one eh? *grins…

  6. threio July 2, 2008 / 11:54 pm

    I am sorry I have no worthless advice/opinion at the moment, I can’t stop laughing at the pic! Fantastic post to go with the evening news coverage! :)

  7. 13th witch July 3, 2008 / 1:54 am

    @threio – it’s crazy isn’t it? hehe
    OT – compliments to your blog – it is very nice… ^.^

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