Mindanao Bloggers' Christmas Party

This is long overdue — to people who celebrate christmas….I don’t, my religion forbids me to do so — and so the urgency of gift giving during the season is something i don’t feel.
I give gifts when I feel like it…but christmas, with malls packed, with people scratching eachother’s eyes out, clawing their way to finding the perfect gift was never a motivation for me… I like to find cool stuff to give and live to see the wrapper being torn…
Which reminds me, the phrase madness sale is just apt during the christmas season. Regardless of the sliding
economy, rising tuition fees and gasoline prices, inconsistent church statements, ridiculuos spyware invasions and virus attacks, unaffordable phone gadgets… people just go crazy when they see the red tag with a blazing 50% off marked on it.
No wonder everybody’s broke and ugly after… after spending sleepless nights of budgeting the bonuses and the salaries, you finally found the balance of buying everything  and being on the fringes of being a rat after…and because you’re not the only one eyeing that item in the store, you wake up early and you elbow ur way in to fight for that oh so very nice dress that everybody’s seems to want…with local versions of teleserye kontrabidas in the fringes waiting for achance to step up, raise an eyebrow, do a half circle turn and snatch it leaving your nose flared and your eyes watery while you suffer heartburn because you forgot to take your breakfast…

haha! wawa naman

nah, those stuff don’t happen anymore, I think. The scenario is more like this, you go to the store, look for the dress…

oh my gosh…it’s not there anymore! but …but…
you go to the saleslady, inquire about it…
The saleslady shakes her head, 

“hurot na siguro ma’am”…

You turn around…
you see a girl grinning…
you hear the one at the counter saying hi, you look back, just becuase you are nosy
and suddenly you see everything in slo-o-o-o-o-w motion… as your eyes, wide in disbelief, follow the cashier’s finger punching and then wrapping the dress you want… 
oh yes, the amiga reserved it for her. haha! sa maliba lang.
Backers are needed everywhere these days…even when shopping…
Anyways, Mindanao Bloggers celebrated the Christmas Fever at World Palace..The party is great but the venue’s service got a double negative. With the assumption that everybody’s drunk, the waiter must have been shocked to be interogated by people who never run out of opinions and things to say, who can be sarcastic and who will definitely get even because of hidden charges they were forced to pay… haha!

It was fun seeing old friends and meeting new faces. It’s been while since i’ve been with fellow bloggers here in Davao. The last time I was with the bunch was at Kangaroo to drink the coffee harvested from the civet’s poopoo… hehe. yum!

As usual, I’m late win arriving. Saw Papa Dominic
at the hall first, he showed me the right door (egypt must have been too hot as they moved down to 
someone else’s garden room), entered with people staring at the latecomer (yours truly). Blogie was groping for something to say i guess, coz he asked me the first question he asked me when i first exchanged email with him…”relative mo si…” heheh…  =P

Saw Doc Charles at the back…waved and came to proceed to sit with him and the gang.  err…actually booted him out of the couch…Kuya Lyle was funny… met nurse in cyberspace (nope…walang siyang phone hotline =P)… Being the camwhore that i am, I then proceeded to take my cam and harassed everyone with it.  

Ai tama… gi ugom pud day nako ang mic. hahaha!

mga babae dapit sa balete drive

see more photos when u click on the slideshow or any photos


mga taong di mapigil sa pagkalikot ng kanilang mga camera

ang mga taratitat sa celfon

concert moments

read posts of other bloggers about this party: 

will update this list. kaon sa ko =P

4 Responses

  1. iceman9 January 12, 2009 / 5:15 am

    hahahha… i can’t contain my laughter my stomach hurts laughing… my goodness those images of mine are goofy and gross.. aha.. but everybody enjoyed.thanks. more thanks.. to you.. where’s the next pit stop lets drink? tagay pah!

  2. 13thWiTCH January 12, 2009 / 11:20 pm

    nyeheh! naa pa kay laing photo na wala nako post hehehe! hatag nako imo pag magkita ta…

    don’t we have a gethering for feb? for the people who hates valentines or something? hope the next drinking station is not cold brrr =P

  3. cathara January 13, 2009 / 2:56 am

    hoy mga blogero!




  4. 13th witch January 15, 2009 / 4:07 pm

    balik na ikaw dito!!! ^.^

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