Hello everyone! our eMarket Buy in Baguio is now open for orders and errand requests!

As a way to help local entrepreneurs in Baguio whilst we are still under enhanced community quarantine, we partnered with locals who has little to no online presence to supply us!

How to order?

Send us a list of your orders with your name, location, and number. We will only receive orders via FB messanger. And we have no other online platform aside from our “Buy in Baguio” FB page.


Buying from us means helping local entrepreneurs who almost lost their businesses but are now learning and catching up with the new business norm (e.g. digital transaction, online payments etc). By bridging them to costumers over the web, we support the continuity of their business.

It also means giving work to our local riders whose main source of living is driving. And other locals who are doing part time errand jobs with us by lining at the grocery and buying items.

What to order?

Homemade and Home
Staples from Local Suppliers

Meat and Poultry
from local butchers

What you need is not in our staples? This calls for a grocery/market run. 

Errand fee is P150.  
Errand Schedule is Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. 

DEADLINE: We prefer to receive request the night before or earlier. But we will accept lists until 10am of our errand day. Lists received after that will be scheduled for purchase on the next errand day.

FRUITS AND VEGGIES. We are currently talking to Baguio’s Agri-trade for our vegetables and fruit supply. The office will directly connect us to our farmers so we may buy directly from them.

BE SPECIFIC and REALISTIC with your orders

Please make it as specific as possible. Instead of writing milk, please write “Bear Brand, 900gm”. If you have a specific brand and size, please indicate. If it is available we will grab it for you. 

Provide an alternative option. Just in case it’s not available and other brands or sizes are available, are we allowed to improvise and get another brand instead? if not, also indicate.

Your favorite chips might be not available or your favorite oats may always be “out of stock”. You have placed your orders by sending us the list but we can only buy them if they are available. Please be kind to not expect us to comb the entire Baguio to find you your specific brand of chocolate.

Mode of Payment

Preferred mode of payment is online bank transfer. As much as possible we would like to avoid human contact. We prefer BPI and Security bank. GCASH is also an option.

If you cannot transfer online, we will accept Western Union transfers only

ONLINE PAYMENT IS PREFERABLE because as much as we like to accommodate cash on delivery (COD), bulk orders are preferred to be paid before delivery. 

You can also deposit ahead of time or if your list is long and expensive, we will require a downpayment. Any extra amount not accounted for will be returned immediately.

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