Getting lost in Colon


Cebu was lovely.  I was there for a week to celebrate Sinulog.  But I’m not posting festival photos.  I’m sure, with the hundreds of people present (and snapping photos) at the festival, you will find hundreds of Sinulog photos in google.  I’m posting photos of Colon instead.  Colon is that market in Cebu where people are most scared to take their cellphones out because snatching was not theft but art.  Don’t get me wrong.  It is a lovely place to be however if you are one helluva-paranoid, I suggest you take your xanax before visiting the place. Continue reading

The Fringe Club

The Fringe Club in Lower Albert Street (Central) in Hong Kong is an open art platform that provide rent free services to engage the local community in cultural works.

The picture is actually the back of the building (Wyndham St).  It’s a sweet building that everyone walks by but hardly notices as they stagger towards the bars in Lan Kwai Fong.  The building used to be an ice and dairy plant and the Hong Kong Fringe Club, a non-profit organization, acquired it in 1984 after the building was abandoned by the business owners when their company headquarters moved to London. Continue reading

Bamboo Opera in Sheng Shui

The people from this little village in Sheng Shui is celebrating their deity’s birthday.  It is part of their cultural tradition to hold “Bamboo Operas” to honor their gods and goddesses.  Cantonese Opera have two varieties.  The one held in a permanent theater and another in a temporary bamboo shed made by the villagers.

Bamboo theater artists wear elaborate costumes and make-up — takes them two hours  and one costume assistant to get ready for their performance. 

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