at the corner

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Polysemic. Mutable. Contingent.

These three words were the first words I mentally recited in my mind this morning.  I was looking for our broom, you see.

The floor needs sweeping.

I’ve been absent-mindedly looking for it for three days now.  It seems to have vanished.  Not that those three words have anything to do with the missing broom.  But silently humming them while I search every corner of the flat made the chore less annoying.

It doesn’t make sense does it? The words I mean.  Why such strange words would comfort me.  Well so does the missing broom!  It doesn’t make sense for it to hide itself.  If this is a game of hide-and-seek, that plastic thing is winning.

The room feels abandoned without it.


of paper hearts and chocolate things.

556755_416131418508022_688664128_nI’ve never wondered why we are friends. You, on the other hand, asked me —-and I mustered a half-baked excuse of something I could not remember.

Maybe it was the crazy “cutter” days of joys that we had in high school. How you terrified Jeffrey then. Or maybe it was the carefree attitude I had. Like how I was never really bothered by your psychotic fits (remember, how you would silently threaten anyone with anything sharp?). Or maybe, it was my shallow personality that never really needed any deep reason to laugh at anything silly no matter how corny the jokes are (not that you throw jokes anyway–but i laugh still). Or can it be the books? Aaahh! must be the books indeed! Before we got intellectual and funny with Carl Sagan and Tom Sharpe, it was harlequin romance novels then (and Fabio on the covers). When I got so hooked up, I wouldn’t leave my room and my mother thought I was into drugs. I think your mom, on the other hand, stern and strict, told you to pack it up and give it away.

That and the Sailormoon trips we indulged in after classes. Our mutual love for Mamuro Chiba was borderline nuerotic but it illuminated our path towards advocating anime galactic peace. We found our first advocacy. Continue reading

Getting lost in Colon


Cebu was lovely.  I was there for a week to celebrate Sinulog.  But I’m not posting festival photos.  I’m sure, with the hundreds of people present (and snapping photos) at the festival, you will find hundreds of Sinulog photos in google.  I’m posting photos of Colon instead.  Colon is that market in Cebu where people are most scared to take their cellphones out because snatching was not theft but art.  Don’t get me wrong.  It is a lovely place to be however if you are one helluva-paranoid, I suggest you take your xanax before visiting the place. Continue reading

Back in Davao

To sleep in my own bed.
To yawn so early and hear familiar voices.
To listen to silly stories that I will forget
but will always remember how hard my laughter was when I heard it.
To sing vernacular songs.
To hum private fantasies and get lost in dreams
without thoughts of anything.
To not rush.
To read until i fall asleep.
To wake up to the smell of breakfast.
To be with old friends.
To visit  places I’ve forged kinship with over the years.

I could smell the scents of memories as it wafts at me in my every visit
as I try to imagine the city embracing me as I slowly caress it again with my eyes, with my hands, even with my laughter.
It makes me smile to know I’m safe even if it is not completely true.  For nobody is safe in this world but it is of comfort to feel it anyway.

I’m home and it brings a smile to my face.

Morning thoughts

It is too early.

Too early for me to think things I could put off till later.

I think Girlie caught my habit of waking up too early as she is up and busy now in the kitchen prepping breakfast.  The only catch is I get to listen to some cheesy music that I have to constantly bite my tongue.  The music just sang the word “over” five times consecutively— and it made me stare at the screen for bewilderment.

The first rendition of the word “over” was quick and smooth, then the next one had this prolonged stretch in the second syllable, the third hada different inflection, fourth, a repetition of the third, and in the fourth, the singer made it possible to say “over” in more than the two syllables it needed. Deym!

I will force myself not to count the word “baby” in the song.  But judging from the first two stanzas, the song is bound to have a lot.  Why is “baby” so common these days.
And why the heck would you want to call your partner that?

Why is everybody overlooking the fact that living with a baby is like living with a drug addict.
They cry for nothing, fight over nothing, they are warm and cold in an instant.
They steal your food, your money, and time.
They encroach your private space and is not apologetic to ruin your schedule.
And the reason they get away with all these is that they are cute.
And cute is ok for ten years old and below. Continue reading

5 ways to know that I’m not in the mood

No i’m not talking about sex.  But when you are not in the mood sexually, I’d recommend for you to feign sleep or better, pop a sleeping pill. That way it becomes non-negotiable.  Both get what they want. you get your peace and your partner can party all by himself and you won’t hear or feel a thing.  But that is gross, so dump him after.

Women may not talk about it but a lacking sexual desire is common amongst us.  This lack of libido is called Hypo-sexual Desire or HSD.  This is actually a common case amongst clinicians– about 1/3 of all sexually adult women suffer from this due to reasons like stress, relationship problems, illnesses,  and pregnancies.But there are three stages in a woman’s sexual phase, it’s desire, climax, and orgasm —if you are desirable and  your partner still doesn’t want you, it can be the case above.  But if you have doubts in your desirability, you may want to hit the gym class— but I would suggest you join the Toastmaster’s club…why? because women are auditory, moron.  Our desires are heightened by what we hear you say not how you look.

But for all my non-sexual “Not-in-the-mood” moments, its hard to drop dead in the mall—- so I do these 5 five things. Continue reading

10 Important Life Lessons


1. Love your mother, respect your mother-in-law – What will you get from hating your own mother? bad karma.  But not as bad as the karma you would get by disrespecting the mother of your partner. Why? Your mother will always forgive you, your mother-in-law won’t.

2. Avoid unhappy people  because they are unlucky – There is nothing wrong with helping but to get caught in the misfortune of drowning in someone else’s problems is just plain dumb.  Happiness is a choice and you cannot make someone happy who chooses to be unhappy.  Otherwise you will end up using too much resource (be it financial or not) that you would find yourself in the same or worse  hole than he/she is currently in.  These unlucky people are sometimes ungrateful who sees nothing right in anything.  Stay away from negative vibes.

3. Experiment – you only get to live once, you might as well make the most out of it. Continue reading

tragically yours…

It’s holy week, and I find myself listening to Niia singing “Sweetest Girl” with Wycleaf Jean in his raspy voice  singing about that girl that makes him do the hula-hoop during his high school days…you know, the “dollar,dollar, bill y’all” song?

Eraserheads in their glory days had a version of this story — remember the song Magazine? except the woman died in that song…tragic.

But then again, we all love tragic stories — of lovers dying in the end.  Romeo and Juliet is a classic example.  That story was the epitome of the saying “nasa huli ang pagsisisi”…sheesh, how do you translate that? the closest thing i could think of that’s remotely similar is “patience is a virtue”. heeeh anlayo pa rin
Anyways, it was also a depiction of how our minds can seriously alter our reality— or at least how we perceive it.  Notice how we get stuck on something by just thinking of it without even realizing the fact that we begin to believe it’s true…regardless if its not?

There is this one tribe somewhere in Africa who believes that the world is flat and that the world ends at this certain river at the end of the village.  One scientist came and crossed the river to show them that it’s not true…

He crossed the water and when he reached the middle, he turned around to wave at the tribe elders who, at the sight of him waving, waved back at him…when he reached the other side, he turned around to wave again but no one answered.  Not even one waved back.
All claimed that he vanished.
The tribal leaders could not literally see him when he was, in fact, standing in front of them at the opposite side of the bank.  So great was their mindset that the world ends there, that their perspective of things literally ended there… Continue reading