Kadayawan Fiesta @ the Apo View Hotel

Apo View Hotel, one of Philippines’ oldest hotel (top 3)
is celebrating kadayawan till August 19, 2012.

There are no entrance fees, guests and daytrippers are welcome to watch the cultural dances and firedancers’ (Apo Duwaling) performances.  Exquisite displays of tribal motif gowns by homegrown designers from Davao are slao displayed in the lobby.

Classic and elegant Pearl jewelries are available and of course,
our cupcake showcase is also part of the Kadayawan Fiesta in the hotel.  To those asking why I am not showcasing my jewelry this year, it’s because I was in Hong Kong for 6 months and just got back last june. I didn’t have time to design and create new collections.        Girlie anne and I were also planning since last year to give cupcakes a try…and so here it is :)

Group pictures: with davao blogger friends, With Kim and MJ of Ourphilippines.com and albertology, with Madayaw and tagum photographers

We had dinner at The Apo View’s Entree and the food was sooo good.  I loved the salad bar and the shrimps are very delicious.  They have a chef to make you your pasta fix as well.  Leah and I shared pesto pasta which I liked very much.   I heard that  Entree is Chito’s (Davaobase) fave buffet restaurant in Davao.

Moi (in black), Girlieanne, Shiky, and dokie our new friend went to try the coffee at Cafe Josefina.  Different varieties of hot and cold drinks and coffee are being offered at the cafe.

 Ronald Tamfalan, painter/artist and a proud member of the T’boli tribe has his works in display at the lobby as well.  Henna tattoos and clay pendants are also available.  Below is Apo View’s Calendar of Activities. See you all there :)

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