Mubarak Eatery

Mubarak Eatery is our go-to hole in the wall eatery for biryani, parathas, and samosas! It is a very small place –it only has 3 tables. Ten people would fill up the place. They also have no parking space. So if you are driving to this place, forget it. Better to park somewhere in town and grab a jeep or mini bus if you are planning on visiting this place. Also, this is not a tourist trap. The place is not fancy and the food is not plated. BUT IS IT WORTH IT? absolutely worth it.

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Half and Half Himalayan Nepalese Cuisine


My first (and only?) Himalayan restaurant in Baguio. I was craving for Biryani and my search on facebook landed me on Half and Half Himalayan Nepalese Cuisine. Luckily, I was able to visit weeks before lockdown was first implemented in the city. I was even able to bring friends to their dine-in restaurant before they finally closed the place down. But not to worry THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERIES.

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Manam, SM Baguio

Manam is finally open in Baguio. Manam is best known for it’s sisig in Metro Manila but if you are are looking for Filipino comfort food with a twist, this is a place you can check out.

Their bestsellers:
House Crispy Sisig and the Original Sinigang na Beef Short Rib and Watermelon. We have yet to order that because we were (craving) out to taste their tapa and palabok.

But their menu extends to tapas, silogs, pansit, and Filipino kakanins. They even offer sizzling corned beef and oxtail kaldereta.

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Arca’s Yard

Arca’s Yard is located at Ambuklao Rd, Baguio, Benguet — a few meter’s after the Baguio/La Trinidad checkpoint. I did not realize that Baguio’s LTO’s inspection site is in La Trinidad thus, if you are renewing your car’s registration, you will be passing by the Museum/Library Cafe. They have Japanese tables, al fresco dining areas, and cozy reading spaces. That’s me all cozy in their balcony :D

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The Original Mang Ed Bakareta House – Slaughterhouse Compound

Craving for hot bulalo and real-good (made with brains and not just mayo) dinakdakan? I’ve been wanting to eat goat since last year and finally I had kilawin and papaintan last week!

We went to Mang Ed Bakareta House. It is located at the Slaughterhouse Compound — exact address is Purok 1, Upper Buhagan (Bokawkan) Road, Crecensia Village Barangay 2600 Baguio City, Philippines.

The slaughterhouse is a popular buzz among the locals. Mang Ed is just one of the restaurants you will find there. The place is near the terminals, thus, it most famous to jeepney and bus passengers. And because it is located in terminal, it is not the poshest of places — the food though is worth the visit.

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Free ebooks by Paulo Coelho

Excerpt from “Manual of the Warrior of Light”

“A warrior of light is never in a hurry.

Time works in his favour; he learns to master his impatience and avoids acting without thinking.

By walking slowly, he becomes aware of the firmness of his step. He knows that he is taking part in a decisive moment in the history of humanity and that he needs to change himself before he can transform the world. That is why he remembers the words of Lanza del Vasto: ‘A revolution takes time to settle in.’

A warrior never picks the fruit while it is still green.”

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The Case of the Twenty Blackbirds by Neil Gaiman

I sat in my office, nursing a glass of hooch and idly cleaning my automatic. Outside the rain fell steadily, like it seems to do most of the time in our fair city, whatever the tourist board says. Hell, I didn’t care. I’m not on the tourist board. I’m a private dick, and one of the best, although you wouldn’t have known it; the office was crumbling, the rent was unpaid and the hooch was my last. 

Things are tough all over. 

To cap it all the only client I’d had all week never showed up on the street corner where I’d waited for him. He said it was going to be a big job, but now I’d never know: he kept a prior appointment in the morgue. 

So when the dame walked into my office I was sure my luck had changed for the better. 

“What are you selling, lady?” 

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